Hybrid Sunfish


250 Fish Minimum

Forage Fish
Available in sizes from 1 to 3 inches
Availability: all year


Hybrid Bluegill are the cross between a female Green Sunfish and a male Bluegill. The Hybrid Bluegill are predominantly male, 80-90 percent, so they pose little overpopulation concerns. Hybrid Bluegill are laterally compressed deep bodied and maintain the physical characteristics of both Bluegill and Green Sunfish. The indicative black vertical bars of the Bluegill are less prominent; the characteristic green iridescent markings on the operculum of Green Sunfish are present and continue along the lateral surfaces of the body.


Hybrid Bluegill feed primarily on zooplankton, aquatic and terrestrial arthropods and crustaceans. They will switch to minnows and small fish as the mature. Like Bluegill these sunfish will train to eat pelleted feed fairly easily. Due to the diminished reproductive potential these sunfish are not recommended as a long term forage fish option but do have some utility in ponds where sunfish are the focal point.

Spawning Characteristics:

Hybrid Bluegill begin spawning when the water temperature reaches 68°F. Like other sunfish Hybrid Bluegill spawn throughout the summer so long as the water temperature stays within 68-86°F.

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