What kind of fish can I stock? How many should I order? Have stocking questions. We’ve made a stocking chart to help you out!

Fish Stocking Table


A lot of knowledge and experience is behind this science of fish stocking, and that factors into the recommendations for fish stocking ratios. Maintaining the correct predator-to-prey ratio, and stocking with the correct species for a certain geographic region, all goes into the consideration of how to stock a pond or lake. Not only that, but also care must be taken that non-native species, which might become invasive species, are not introduced into the waterways.

If you have a new pond, the fish you purchase are determined by size of the lake and the kinds of fish you want. If you stock an existing lake, an analysis can be performed through electrofishing. The current population of fish species is determined, your goals are considered, maintaining the ecosystem comes into play, and then a recommendation of how to stock your pond or lake is created. If you are looking to create a trophy fishing lake, there is more to be considered than if you are stocking a pond for the grandkids to have some fun fishing when they visit.

Sunfish, catfish, trout, bass and forage fish are all fish that can be stocked in a pond or lake. The percentages are determined by the current fish population, their size, the size of the body of water, and the ecosystem as a whole. Other types of fish can be stocked as well. It is important to not randomly stock non-native species without a professional consultation, as non-native species may become invasive species and overtake the ecosystem. Stocking a fish pond or lake begins with your goals. It is necessary to determine the current fish population through electrofishing or netting. That, along with your goals, is taken into consideration about how to best proceed to create the desired result in your pond or lake. Plus, the end result must also keep the ecosystem in balance.

Stocking is more than simply adding a quantity of fish to a body of water; it involves the larger, long-term picture of the overall health of the pond or lake. You can order through our recommendations page or specials page where we offer stocking of acre and half acre ranches. You can also contact a consultant for an initial stocking proposal based on the size of your lake and the types of fish you want.

We service all sorts of properties in Louisiana, Arkansas, Oklahoma and Texas. We deliver with custom fish-hauling trailers. These trailers are equipped with liquid oxygen to deliver superior fish health while en route. In most cases, your fish are delivered within 3 weeks of the initial contact. Got fish? No? Need fish? Yes? can stock your lake or pond with quality Largemouth Bass, Hybrid Striped Bass, Channel Catfish, Redear Sunfish, Black Crappie, Coppernose Bluegill, Hybrid Sunfish, Golden Shiners and Fathead Minnows. We deliver your fish straight to you. On our site, we have a stocking chart with recommendations. We also offer special orders for other types of fish not listed there, as well as for larger quantities of fish.