Redear Sunfish


125 Fish Minimum

Game Fish / Forage Fish
Available in sizes from 1 to 3 inches
Availability: all year

Redear sunfish are a deep-bodied sunfish that resemble the bluegill in shape, but have a smaller mouth and a red or orange edge on the edge of the operculum or “earflap”. Colors range from green to white on the belly, with their sides usually being spotted yellow or green.

Redear love to eat snails which are part of life cycle of the parasitic grub found in sport fish. Redear are often stocked in ponds and lakes to help control the grub population.

Spawning Characteristics:
Redear begin spawning when the water temperature reaches 65°F, and are usually found in deeper water levels than other sunfish. There are usually one or two peaks of activity during spawning season; otherwise, their spawning is similar to the bluegill.

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